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Our Services: Feeds

Ottawa Lake Co-op Elevator offers a wide variety of livestock and horse feeds, including Purina Mills Lifestyle Feeds, Tribute Feed from Kalmbach, and our in house 12% Horseman’s Blend. In addition, you will find feed for exotic animals with our Mazuri Line.

We also specialize in horse feeds for your special-needs or restricted diet horses. We offer feeds with low sugar and starch and no – corn formula feeds. For performance horses we offer high fat feeds as well as special formulas for race horses.

Ottawa Lake Co-op Elevator is your one stop shop for pine wood shavings and pine pellet animal bedding, Uckele supplements, equine wormers (paste and pelleted), salt blocks (including all natural), and a variety of fly sprays and larvae control from Eqyss, Farnam, and Absorbine.

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